The inaugural SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Federation and Association Award was high on the agenda at the Sport and Business Convention in Sochi, Russia. A twelve-month detailed analysis and consultation with expert judges was conducted on a total of thirty International Federations and Associations which made the original cut for the prestigious title, which was eventually narrowed down to the top 10.

The 10 finalists for the SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Federation and Association Award was published and  Muaythai is filled with joy as it is one of the top 10. The top 10 lists included FEI (Equestrianism), FIBA (Basketball), FIH (Hockey), FIS (Skiing), the ICC (Cricket), IFMA (Muaythai), IJF (Judo), the IOC (Olympics), IPC (Paralympics), and ITTF (Table Tennis).

IFMA General Secretary, Mr Stephan Fox, who also recently won the election for presidency of AIMS, stated that this is truly an honour for Muaythai to be the only non-Olympic sport place in the same group as the IOC for example. This truly shows the recognition IFMA has as the world recognized federation for the sport of Muaythai, and the respect and popularity Muaythai has in the sporting world.

IFMA will continue to promote Muaythai as a way of life. The emphasis is on cultural, educational, and sporting exchange, with the heart of it all, regardless if you practice it for fitness, health, competition, self defence, or fun, being essentially the love for a better life.

IFMA would like to thank the judging committee for the honour, as well as all the hardworking stakeholders; to all the athletes, coaches, officials, administrators, national federations, fans and so on, thank for being a part of an over 1000 year old journey.

Muaythai truly stands out as the only martial art which has been nominated for an international Emmy, the only non-Olympic sport winning the Spirit of Sport Award, and now, is one of the only non-Olympic martial arts recognized in the top Ultimate Sports Federations list by SportsBusiness.