The National Muaythai Federation of Vietnam made a beautiful performance demonstrating values of honor, respect, fair play, excellence and especially highlighting the value of tradition in Muaythai. Vietnam, the host of the 2022 SEA Games, brought home 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals at the 2021 IFMA World championships combat, Wai Kru and Mae Mai Muaythai competitions.

The SEA Games in Hanoi will see medal events in Muaythai Combat but also Wai Kru and Mae Mai Muaythai competitions.

IFMA will continue to work together with the Vietnam National Federation to promote and enhance muaythai as cultural art form.

Thank you Muaythai Vietnam under leadership of Phan Ngoc Huy.

We are all looking forward to the SEA Games in beautiful Hanoi in May 17-22, 2022!