“Sport can make a difference”

The 2004 earthquake and Tsunami combined have been described as the deadliest natural disaster ever occurred. Many countries in Asia, including the southern region of Thailand were affected and involved countless of families who lost their loved ones. As a result, all leaders of the international Muaythai community around the world jointly formed the World Muaythai Charity Campaign with the intention of providing support and relief. Over a 12 month period, the campaign collected 20,000 care packages to the value of over 1.5 million dollars. These packages were distributed via the Royal Foundations in Thailand. Later on another 5,000 care packages were delivered to Thailand through Khun Poom Foundation.

Gala dinner was also held in Bangkok, with the attendance from over 80 countries of Muaythai representatives. Her Royal Highness Princess Ubonratana honored this humanitarian gesture from the IFMA. The General Secretary, Mr. Stephan Fox stated during his speech at the gala dinner that Muaythai, a martial art originated in Thailand but has been welcomed and become a truly world sport. We may all come from different countries, religions or social backgrounds but the values and traditions of respect and kindness is one of the key foundations of Muaythai.