IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan, and IFMA Secretary General Stephan Fox, as well as President of Polish Muaythai Federation Rafal Szlachta and representative of Swiss Muaythai Federation Olivier Mueller met with the President of French Olympic Committee and congratulated the French Muaythai Federation FFKMDA on becoming a full provisional member of the IFMA family.

IFMA President Dr. Tapsuwan congratulated Mr. Nadir Allouache, the President of FFKMDA and a fruitful meeting took place between the President of French Olympic Committee Mr. Denis Masseglia, IFMA President Dr. Tapsuwan, and President of FFKMDA Mr. Allouache on closer cooperation and possible continental championships in the future in the capital city of France, Paris.
The French Olympic Committee President congratulated Mr. Fox on his election of AIMS President and is hoping of a continued close cooperation between French Olympic Committee and all 23 sports which are member of AIMS.