Heart and soul of our sport lies with our athletes. The IFMA athletes are the heart of our sport, our competitions, and they have very important voice in IFMA. The athletes commission meets regularly on national, continental or world events to discuss important topics and then report to the other IFMA commissions and the Executive Board. Per IFMA constitution, the athletes must have a permanent member in the Executive Board to be part of the entire decision making process of IFMA.

Athlete commiss
8 Times Female Muaythai World Champions, Valentina Shevchenko from Peru, is the current chair person of the IFMA athletes commission and IFMA Executive Board member. In her acceptance speech as the Female athlete of the year, Valentina said that IFMA is family.
Athletes Comm
Regardless of race, religion, if you do Muaythai for health & fitness or the highest competitive level, everyone cares for one another and this cooperation is the key to success. IFMA also must thank the athletes for being them, in which respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence are the foundation we and our outstanding ambassadors stand for.