The 2009 IFMA World Championships was a great success as over 200,000 spectators attended the closing of the 2009 IFMA World Championships, also known as The King‘s Cup, held in honour of His Majesty the King of Thailand‘s 82nd birthday.

Over 1,400 athletes, officials and representitives from 82 national federations travelled to Bangkok to be part of this glorious event.

After 9 days of figthing in 3 rings for 8 hours each day, it was clear on the last day that Belarusia was the most victorious team by winning the team competition and by that making Thailand come in 2nd in the Male division.

It was Morocco who won the Female division and Canada came in 2nd.

The Best Male Boxer Award went to Sattra Paleenarm from Thailand and The Best Female Boxer award went to Miriam Nakamoto from USA.

The Best Male Wai Kru award went to PanupunTanjad from Thailand and it was Hui Theng Nicole Chua from Singapore who won The Best Female Wai Kru.

The Best Prospect Male-B award went to Mirzhanov from Kazakhstan.

The Best Prospect Junior Male award went to Gokhan Kilic from Turkey and The Best Junior Female award went to Amy Wendy Robert Sun Prinie from Scotland, winning it for the 2nd consecutive year.

This shows that muaythai has indeed become international and in 2010 we will witness yet another spectacular IFMA World Championships.

Congratulations to the Amateur Muaythai Federation of Thailand for hosting this highly successful event.