Rajadamnern Stadium, the official partner of IFMA in Bangkok is the first, the original and the most famous stadium in Thailand. Rajadamnern, has for 78 years, celebrated real muaythai as the coliseum of this ancient martial art and has been committed to protecting the ancient traditions of Wai Kru and Pi Muay, ensuring the health and well-being of the athletes, ensuring proper referee and judging and protecting the youth. Rajadamnern’s commitment to authenticity and traditions has elevated Muaythai to more than just a sport, making it a global cultural treasure deeply rooted in Thai history.

Mr. Thienchai Phisitwuttinan, owner of Rajadamnern Stadium and CEO of Global Sport Ventures (GSV), stated that Rajadamnern Stadium is committed to continue to raise the level of muaythai around the world, bringing the best of the best athletes and work in cooperation with the IOC recognized world governing body for muaythai, IFMA.

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, President of IFMA and Khun Somchart, Vice President of IFMA, all send congratulation messages to Rajadamnern on this special occasion and certainly the IFMA family was ringside to support the best of the best around the world.

It was IFMA and WMC which started to promote female muaythai over 20 years ago and today, there is full gender equality and Rajadamnen Stadium is the sole stadium bringing the best of the best female fighters and showcasing them on the highest platform.

Celebrations of the 78th Rajadamnern Anniversary began with a stacked card with 2 Rajadamnern titles on the line. The main card started with Thai superstars Shadow vs Satanfah. The main card started with a bang with Shadow also delivering a devastating liver shot to his opponent Satanfah in the second round to give him the big win.

The next main card bout showcased Thailand’s IFMA and World Games Champion, Thananchai aka The Slim Reaper, versus Tunisia’s Marwin Houli. Thanchai’s accuracy and power shut down Marwin Houli. Sealing the win with a quadruple uppercut followed by a finishing right hook.

The first Rajadamnern title showcased the 2x RWS Champion, Somratsamee vs former IFMA World Champion Sevgi from Turkey fighting for the first Rajadamnern Female Bantamweight belt to ever be contested in Rajadamnern history. It was Somratsamee’s left kick vs Sevgi’s hands for 5 rounds of non-stop action in an exciting match between the two muay ying pouring their hearts onto the canvas for the title. In the end, it was Somratsamee being labelled the history maker making history at Rajadamnern on the 23 December 2022 as the first RWS Female Flyweight Champion and again on December 23, 2023 as the first Rajadamnern Stadium Female Bantamweight champion.

The second title match was between Japanese muaythai sensation, Nadaka and Thai Champion, Choosab. What a year it has been for the talented Japanese fighter Nadaka. At 2 minutes of the second round, he managed to knock out Choosab and became the interim Rajadamnern Super flyweight champion.

The main event showcased RWS champion and 2022 Fighter of the Year Lamnamoonlek vs Myanmar’s champion, Saw Ae Shee. The Thai superstar showcased to the world why he is the best of the best showing his talent from all 8 limbs, his impeccable timing, speed and precision leaving little chance for Saw Ae Shee to score and counter despite showing great courage and heart against the Thai champion. The exciting match went the distance with Lamnamoonlek coming out with the win once again.

Happy Birthday Rajadamnern Stadium and congratulations to all the talented athletes taking part on this stacked opening event for Rajadamnern’s 78th Anniversary.