Muaythai is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Ever since the recognition of Muaythai by SportAccord, The International World Games Association (IWGA), the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), and other world sport bodies, Muaythai has been garnering more and more attention as the sport continues on the path towards highest sporting recognition.

The Panhellenic Muaythai Federation (PMF), held a special event in Athens, Greece, for kids and adults. The event was a friendly meeting for all interested stakeholders from young children to athletes in their prime to older adults were able to witness and experience the sport and cultural art form that is Muaythai. Participants were able to see that Muaythai is for every body, regardless of whether it is practised for fitness, self defence, or competitive sport, the safety of its athletes comes first. PMF did an excellent job of emphasising that youth are our future as the young future Muaythai athletes participated in the event. After the event, everyone came away with a positive impression of Muaythai and its five pillars, respect, honour, tradition, excellence and fair play, which are can be applied to every day life as well.

Congratulations to the Panhellenic Muaythai Federation and IFMA will continue to encourage its members to promote and foster the sport and cultural art form of Muaythai!