The IFMA Kids and Juniors World Championships 2013 is proving to be a hit. While competition is the spice, too much spice can spoil a meal, which is why a healthy balance has been found, ensuring that the emphasis lies on fun and making friends, having cultural exchange and leaving with fond memories later. Youth activities have been planned every day, which are just as important in the Championships as the competition itself.

Day 1 saw Muaythai on the beach, bringing together all the children and youth to learn to play and enjoy the musical instruments which accompany Muaythai.

Performing the Wai Khru towards one another to show respect, with teams performing their own cultural styles, while the Thai team performed traditional Muay Boran. It was a sunny morning which will stay in the memories of everyone. The evening entertainment will see cultural nights, movie nights and many other things planned for the five days in Istanbul where East meets West.