As part of the 2014 IFMA World Championships, a fitness PT Pad master course was conducted for all interested participants both local and international.

Muaythai, as an ancient martial art, offers variety of benefits to the practitioners.  People of any age can find something for themselves in muaythai practice. It is a wonderful that increases self-esteem and confidence, improves coordination, and offers an entertaining way to stay fit. Muaythai becomes a favourite work out for people with busy schedule, as it allows burning over 1000 calories within one hour.  As a trending movement in global fitness industry, muaythai instructors and pad-holders become sought after by fitness clubs and gyms.


The course was designed to equip participants with all necessary knowledge and skills to add to thier training arsenal, and to provide an unprecedented advantage over other professionals in the fitness industry.  The program included kick and punch combos, call-out drills, group sessions ideas, equipment utilisation, motivational ideas, safety instructions and so much more.  Upon completion of the program, participants learned the essential skills of pad-holder, and realised that muaythai pad-holder instructor is not just a fitness instructor; that the role comes in forms of a performer, entertainer, coach, mentor, and importantly a friend.


The course was conducted by master instructor Manop (Nong) and Nugget celebrity trainers from Emmy nominated TV Show the Challenger, and a special class on the 3rd and final day was conducted by the mentor and host of Challenger, IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox.