Today, the Opening Ceremony of the FISU University World Cup Combat Games 2022 will welcome university nak muay from all 5 continents to the beautiful city of Samsun. Samsun will be the Muaythai capital city for the university nak muay of the world for the next 6 days which will be full of a bright and youthful energy of the next generation of not only Muaythai but leaders of the world.

The FISU University World Cup Combat Sports is a competition format created to supplement other FISU competitions. The cup embraces a university-versus-university format instead of national delegations and, thus, are game-changers. To represent your ‘alma mater’ and compete with other students at a global level is a unique experience in the sporting world.

The main goal of the cup is to offer the chance to go global to those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to compete on the international university sports scene. With this event, FISU seeks to improve the role and significance of university sport for student athletes.

IFMA has been a longstanding member of FISU since 2015 when Muaythai first joined the FISU events programme and are honored to have our athletes participate in this year’s University World Cup Combat Games.

Six feisty sports come together in one exciting cluster event! The FISU University World Cup Combat Sports will see the world’s best university athletes battle it out in six IOC recognized sports, namely: Boxing, Karate, Muaythai, SAMBO, Wrestling and Wushu. All the six sports of this unique event have been on the FISU sports programme for several years, as part of the biennial FISU World University Championship events or in some cases, part of the FISU World University Games programme. These same sports will also be part of The World Combat Games 2023 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Today, the Opening Ceremony will be held at the Omu Ataturk Kongre ve Kultur Merkezi welcoming the university nak muay of the world to the beautiful city of Samsun and for the next 5 days of competition, the ILKADIM OKCULUK SPORT HALL will be the home of the university athletes.

All matches can be watched live on FISU TV:

Chok dee to all the University Nak Muay participating in this prestigious event!