The Czech Muaythai Association kicks off its new sport season this month, which will run through to June 2014.

 Throughout the season the NF will be organising 10 muaythai championship rounds coming down to the finals at the end of the season next year.

The first round will kick off in Prague (Czech Republic) on the 22nd September, 2013 under the auspices of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in the Czech Republic.

This will be a great event for Czech Muaythai! Besides the fights in all categories including juniors, women and men, there will also be exhibitions on the traditional side of muaythai like Krabi krabong demonstrated by a visiting team from Thailand. The fights will also be accompanied by a authentic “pee klong” band and spectators will be treated to a taste of Thai cuisine.


The cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Thailand in Prague is seen as great support for the Czech Muay-Thai Association and an important step towards the development of muaythai in the Czech Republic.