Muaythai has been always a sport addressing all unifying religions, cultures, genders and beliefs. Today ever more countries boast their female athletes who have promoted muaythai as self defense, fitness and a way of life in their home countries and whilst bringing pride to their national flag internationally.

IFMA is proud to gather so many outstanding personalities who have dedicated their lives to muaythai, and continue giving positive image to the sport showing that muaythai is truly a sport for everyone.  It was a moment that resonated through-out the heart strings of the IFMA family to hear Ms. Sue Latta say: “muaythai is my life”, as she accepted her induction into the IFMA Female Hall of Fame.


5th of December in Argentina will see the First Female Muaythai Meeting which aims to embrace the principles and values of the joint UN Women, World Muaythai Council (WMC) and IFMA “End Violence Against Women (EVAW) campaign which has truly become one of the symbols of female athletes at IFMA events.