Fair play is part of the foundation of Muaythai. One of the most important aspects that IFMA concentrates on is education. National Federations and athletes must both be equipped to know about anti-doping issues, how to prevent doping violations, and how to access the resources they need to stay informed.

IFMA wants to ensure that athletes are systematically taught by their IF, NF and coaches about the dangers of doping, and about how to be responsible for everything an athlete chooses to use. It’s not enough for someone else to tell you that it’s okay to take something, even if it’s your doctor, coach, trainer, or parent. Check for yourself, learn to read ingredient labels, ask questions, and stay alert.

IFMA holds two international education forums per year. This year one was held in Istanbul, Turkey, and the second was held for four days on anti-doping and sport integrity issues in Bangkok, Thailand.


The IF has been stepping up its in and out of competition testing. The broader IFMA’s ability to test becomes, and the more tests are carried out on wider and wider groups of athletes, the higher the chances of finding more doping violations. IFMA will continue this policy, taking strict, but fair action.


This year, IFMA was pleased to see the publication of a book for the IF on fair play and sports medicine by the head of the IFMA Medical Commission, Dr Lotfali. We hope that everyone will put their copies to good use, by educating themselves and others.