Twenty-twenty-three has been another very important year for the world of muaythai as an International Olympic Committee recognized sport and art.

The Director General of IFMA Ms. Charissa Tynan, which head the IFMA International Office in the Olympic Capital of Lausanne made a detailed report of the IOC and all other IFMA partners.

Ms. Tynan highlighted that IFMA, once again, has been declared fully WADA compliant which is very important in IFMA’s zero tolerance against cheating on all levels.

IFMA invests close to 15 million baht every year on education, in and out of competition testing and for education and testing services of the International Testing Agency.

IFMA also made their debut in the European Olympic Games and was recognized as one of the most outstanding sports at the games and also became fully recognized by The Association of African Sports Confederations (UCSA).

Muaythai was also one of the most popular sports and arts in the 2023 World Combat Games in all medal events including Mai Muay, Wai Kru, Para, Special and Muay Combat.

The 2023 Youth World Championships in Antalya had over 3000 youth from over 100 countries participating.

The IFMA Senior World Championships was held in Thailand celebrating IFMA’s 30 Years Anniversary with over 100 countries in attendance for this important milestone.

Five continental events had been held in Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Pan America and over 1000 professional events were held and over 30 million dollars in prize money was distributed.

The full event calendar for 2024 will be published anticipating another big year for muaythai and IFMA, the sole recognized federation by the International Olympic Committee, Olympic Committee of Asia, the European Olympic Committee, the Association of African Sports Confederations, World Games, FISU, SportAccord and the list goes on.

From Thailand to the world and the world to Thailand!