Anti-doping officials wait for IFMA medal winners 2017 Championships

IFMA is proud to say independent doping tests carried out during the recent World Championships found all athletes negative, and the principle of Fair Play in muaythai was understood by all.

Chair of the Medical Commission Dr Erdogan Aydin said: ‘I am proud to see that all of the athletes in Minsk could say ‘We are clean’. 

He added: ‘This is something we take very seriously, we sit by the ring every day and see how hard these athletes work – if one were to cheat it destroys everything we are all working so hard to achieve. IFMA for me has always been about Fair Play and we must keep it that way.’

In his strong speech to the IFMA Athletes Conference during the 2017 World Championships, the doctor reminded people that punishment for doping is four years suspension. He called on the athletes and coaches to respect each other, to respect the hard training which goes into genuinely achieving a gold medal.

He reminded everyone the IFMA mantra is to lose with honour rather than win in dishonesty. Dr Erdogan also heads up the IFMA Anti-Doping Taskforce. He noted this clean result at the Minsk echoes those at other IFMA elite level events.

Preparing for Anti-Doping Checks with Independent testers and IFMA's Dr Erdogan.
Preparing for Anti-Doping Checks with Independent testers and IFMA’s Dr Erdogan.

General Secretary Stephan Fox, who has always pushed for IFMA athletes to maintain the same high standards as those expected by WADA said: ‘Fair Play is one of the pillars of muaythai, and we will continue to promote clean muaythai.

‘Thank you to all our athletes, as you are true ambassadors for our sport. I am proud to have all the WADA probes in Minsk negative.’





IFMA national federations and national coaches have long been encouraged to work with their local doping organisations to keep informed of the latest regulations and banned substances.

You can read more about the IFMA Anti-Doping Taskforce here.  And the IFMA Doping Code is online here.