Supplements and Informed Decision Making ITA September Webinar

The next ITA webinar is coming up for this month! We invite all athletes and their support personnel to join the first of two webinars designed to support informed decision-making around supplement use. Joining ITA for part one are Carina Horn, international track and field athlete from South Africa who tested positive for a prohibited […]

2022 IFMA Athletes World Conference

The IFMA Athletes Commission invited the IFMA Athletes of the world to the 2022 IFMA Athletes Conference at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. The conference was hosted by the IFMA Athletes Commission Chair, Janice Lyn from Canada and Vice Chair, Lennert Swart from South Africa. IFMA believes education is the key to success and […]

European Clean Sport Conference

European Clean Sport Conference Athletes from over 40 European Countries came together for the 2022 Clean Sport Conference. IFMA stands for fair play, with a strong belief in ensuring its athletes are provided with education and has a zero tolerance against cheating of any kind. The conference room in Istanbul was packed with the athletes […]

Kicking Off 2022 with ITA and #KeepingMuaythaiReal

We would like to begin 2022 with a continued joint initiative between ITA and IFMA. We must thank ITA for the incredible webinar series they have been hosting. They are kicking off 2022 with their first Webinar, “Building Clean Sport Communities.” We know that the anti-doping landscape can be complex, and one of the purposes of these […]

IFMA Newsletter
IFMA’s Strategy Against Short Term Weight Cutting

Athlete health and safety is a priority of IFMA, and mandate of the IFMA Medical Commission. Through the years we have seen that many athletes engage in extreme flash weight cutting methods to pass the weigh in check for their desired weight category. Weight reduction is not something that should be done in short term. […]

WADA Encourages Continued Collaboration in Anti-Doping Among Governments of Asia

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) encourages continued collaboration in anti-doping across all nations within the Asia region in order to strengthen the anti-doping system for athletes of the region and the world. Addressing a virtual meeting of the Ministers of Sport and other senior Government officials of the East, South and South-East Asian countries to […]

IFMA’s Intelligence Task Force Targets Cheaters

IFMA’S INTELLIGENCE TASK FORCE TARGETS CHEATERS One of IFMA’s main priorities is the protection of clean athletes, keeping the sport of Muaythai at the fairest and highest level. IFMA will continue to commit itself in combating any and all forms of cheating which is a threat to Muaythai and to maintain the integrity of the […]

IFMA Stakeholders Participate at ITA Webinar on The Doping Control Process

Education is one of the key prevention strategies highlighted in the World Anti-Doping Code and one that we can continue strengthening and promoting even during a period when our team is not able to engage in face-to-face learning activities. Therefore, the ITA created an online learning experience in order to continue its education efforts during […]