Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest, originating thousands of years ago with values of harmony, honesty and loyalty. Wushu is an important component of the cultural heritage of China. It is one of the most traditional and popular national sports and treasures in China, which has become a world recognised combat sport and martial art fully recognised by the International Olympic Committee, GAISF. It’s global popularity has led to its inclusion in many multisport Games from the World Games to Combat Games and it was Beijing that hosted the first edition of the World Combat Games in 2010.
Muaythai and Wushu have worked closely together, as martial arts members not only in the recognised world of sport but both in their respective motherlands, China and Thailand. For many years the President of the National Olympic Committee of China has also been the world President of the International Wushu Federation.
The former President Mr Liu Peng of the National Olympic Committee of China was a guest of the Royal Thai Government, when the original MOU was signed between IFMA and the People’s Republic of China and the current President Mr Gou Zhongwen welcomed the IFMA General Secretary in the headquarters of the National Olympic Committee of China.
The Chinese government has recently released an official letter confirming the IFMA and WMC as the sole authoritative muaythai organisation recognised in China.  IFMA will continue to do its utmost best to work closely with the National Olympic Committee of China and the state general administration of sports towards the benefits for sport and the exchange of culture.