The motherland of muaythai had a very busy labour day long weekend of Muaythai shows in all provinces with many top fighters providing their hard labour.

There were some outstanding events with One Songchai, Thailand’s super promoter putting on a great event in Phuket.


Omnoi Stadium had their super bantamweight title fight between Petchsommai Sor Sommai and Ittipon Singmawin with Petchsommai winning and earning a place in the IFMA/WMC top 10.

On channel 7, Rambolek defeated YodEt PorTorTor Tongtawee to advance to a title fight.

Chalamdam NayokATasala beat Pumjaithai PakonPonsurin in the Tiger cement tournament also on channel 7 and will now head into the final.

Ratchadamnern stadium had another important ranking fight with Petchrungruang SorJor Tongprajin versus Chailar Por Lakboon, a great fight and evening of muaythai. Congratulations to Petchrungruang on the win and congratulations to Kiatpetch Promotions.