Thai Superstar Buakaw lent a hand to Thai Special forces this week as he went to teach hand to hand combat to soldiers outside their elite army barracks. Buakaw, a 3 time WMC world champion who holds the rank of Lieutenant in the Thai army took the soldiers through essential attack and defence techniques vital for hand to hand combat in real life situations.

Aside from the physical aspect Buakaw spoke in length about the determination needed to be a professional fighter and the discipline needed to be successful in all walks of life.

After the muaythai training Buakaw also demonstrated techniques to defend against people with weapons such as knives and wooden objects to evade receiving injury and perform counter-strikes. There was also a focus on Mae Mai the traditional roots of muaythai which was integrated with the cultural elements of this Thai martial art.

The lesson was well received by the special regiment and fun was had all round with many soldiers starstruck by the muaythai champions presence.