Brazilian Muaythai Federation completed its qualification for the IFMA Virtual World Championships regardless of the heavy situation with the pandemic in South America. It was another proof that sport will find a way and hundreds of youth could be active physically and mentally enjoying the excitement of competition all the way from the isolation of their living rooms. 

The President of the Brazilian Muaythai Federation Mr. Carlos Camacho stated that in order to bring joy to athletes around the world and keep them active and playing in this pandemic year  we are proud of our international governing body IFMA which created the Muaythai Virtual Championship. 

Four competitions are offered to the youth: Wai Kru, Shadow Box, Max Fit and Aero Fit where youth of all abilities and skills can reveal their talents and passion to physical exercises. 

IFMA is looking forward to the team registration from Brazil and it is a true motivation for so many other teams to stay positive in any situation. 

Congratulations, Brazil!