The World Games 2021 will take place in Birmingham/Alabama/USA. This decision was announced by José Perurena, President of the International World Games Association, at noon on Thursday, 22 January 2015, at a press conference in the Mövenpick Hotel in Lausanne.

During its meetings on Wednesday the IWGA Executive Committee had made a final assessment of the Bids from Birmingham (USA), Lima (Peru) and Ufa (Russia), and evaluated the delegations’ final presentations. The IWGA Executive Board took the final decision on the host city for the 11th edition of this multi-sports event at its meeting on Thursday morning.

This announcement is subject to successful negotiation of contractual conditions, and subsequent confirmation by the IWGA‘s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in April 2015. The agreement with the next host city will be signed right after the AGM. The 10th edition of The World Games will be staged in 2017 in Wroclaw Poland. The IWGA flag will be handed over to the representatives of Birmingham during the closing ceremony in Wroclaw on 30 July 2017.

Giving reasons for the decision in favour of Birmingham/Alabama, President José Perurena mentioned the excellent bid presented by the host city. “We are happy to showcase our sports in Birmingham in July 2021, and we are sure that we will be offered optimal conditions for our sportsmen and women there. All the bids we received were of very high quality, and it was not easy for us to reach a decision. We have to deliver nothing less than outstanding World Games. We are convinced that Birmingham will exceed these expectations.” José Perurena stated.

Birmingham offers all prerequisites to stage an event like The World Games. The IWGA President added. This refers not only to the required sporting venues and infrastructure. The city also meets expectations in terms of organizing skills and the support of the city administration and the National Olympic Committee.

So, after Santa Clara 1981, the inaugural edition, The World Games will return to the USA. Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama, with more than 210,000 residents. It will be the first time that the city hosts an international multi-sport event.

The bidding process had been started by the IWGA in early 2014. Birmingham (USA), Lima (Peru) and Ufa (Russia) applied to host the 11th edition of The World Games.


IFMA, a proud member of the IWGA was among the first to congratulate the successful applicants and representatives of Birmingham, and IFMA representative Olivier Muller stated that Birmingham is looking forward to have Muaythai athletes from around the world coming to Birmingham, USA to compete in The World Games 2021.

IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan sent his regards to both the President of The World Games and the city of Birmingham. IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan stated that we are now in full preparation for the 2017 Games and that now the Juniors can look forward to representing their countries, their flag, and their pride at The World Games 2021. IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox stated that over 50 people came together in a convention room to watch the decision live at the World Games Channel. Congratulations to Birmingham.