Muaythai made its debut at the European Games 2023 in Poland, and it was undeniably an athletes’ event. The IFMA athletes praised this event for the professionalism, the efficient coordination from arrival to departure, and many athletes see this event not only as a once in a lifetime experience, but a defining moment in their careers.

The athletes praise the EOC, the LOC and IFMA for the perfect balance between on and off the field experience, where being part of the Games was key.  For some it was the first time they had been part of the Official National Olympic team, not just for muaythai, but for all participating sports. The athletes say “thank you” for having been part of this incredible experience and further thank the European Olympic committee for including muaythai, and IFMA and EMF for going far and beyond to ensure that each athlete had unforgettable memories of European Olympic Games 2023.

IFMA has sent a resounding message that Muaythai is here to stay. It was praised not only for its breathtaking competitions, but also for the immersive cultural display at the fan zone and the captivating atmosphere of the arena.

The Director General of IFMA Charissa Tynan stated, emphasized the importance of providing the athletes with a world-class experience. To achieve this, significant resources were dedicated to the aesthetics and production of the arena and television coverage, ensuring that it was filled to capacity every day.

The Chair of the IFMA athletes commission Janice Lyn added that IFMA is committed to placing the athletes at the heart of everything they do. As this was the inaugural participation for all athletes representing their respective national Olympic committees, it was crucial to create an Olympic-like experience both within the arena and throughout the village and fan zone. IFMA organized traditional and enjoyable activities every day, promoting muaythai not only as a combat sport but also as a rich cultural heritage.

The IFMA Vice President, Rafal Szlachta from Poland stated that there was such a muaythai hype around the games. The arena was packed to its maximum capacity, with no empty seats, long queues outside, and the VIP section bustling with representatives from the European Olympic Committee, National Olympic Committees, embassies and other distinguished guests.