A special meeting was held between the IFMA Athletes Commission, chaired by multiple IFMA World Champion Valentina Schevchenko, and representatives of the World and Asian Youth Commission. IFMA was represented by General Secretary Stephan Fox, IFMA Executive Board member Dato’ Shahnaz, and FAMA General Secretary, IFMA Executive Board member, and chairman of the IFMA Legal Commission, Mervyn Tan.

Valentina gave a brief report on the Youth Commission’s meeting both in Langkawi, Malaysia and during the Asian Beach Games with some recommendations to the Executive Board. Valentina also thanked the Board on behalf of all athletes for the truly active role the athletes have been able to have within IFMA, as she has been an active fighter since 2003, fighting at every championship and seeing the standard improve at every event.

Dato’ Shahnaz commented on the youth commission meetings and thanked the athlete commission for their active role, especially in the social responsibility programs like Sport Is Your Gang and End Violence Against Women. Mervyn Tan outlined the updated 2015 WADA code, and expressed IFMA’s happiness on the active role the Youth Commission has taken, especially in all the workshops. IFMA’s General Secretary again stated that the athletes are the heart and soul of IFMA, the key of sport in general, and that Muaythai is unique with the five pillars of tradition, respect, honour, fairplay and excellence. Stephan Fox also stated that though competition is certainly important, it’s part of the bigger picture and here in Phuket, as in any other event, having fun is always important, which again was achieved here in this perfect environment, regardless of the training, relaxation, competition, and location of the event.

Valentina closed the meeting by again thanking all the athletes in the Youth Commission, and stating that she is honoured to be the representative and that she will continue to represent the athletes in the IFMA Executive Board meetings.