A special FAMA meeting took place in Bangkok with the formation of the ASEAN Muaythai Federation, a regional association under IFMA and FAMA, like many others such as West Asian Muaythai Federation. IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan welcomed all the delegates in Bangkok for this important meeting.


The President of FAMA, the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan, Mr. Karim Massimov was represented by Mr. Farhat Amankulov at the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Mervyn Tan, President of Singapore Muaythai Association and FAMA General Secretary. Only Southeast Asian federations which are recognised by their NOCs have been invited and all have been sent by their NOC namely, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand all joined hands. The main subject was the formation and also the cooperation of all the countries.


IFMA Sports Director, Charissa Tynan made an important presentation on the strategic plan of IFMA for the next 5 years which includes many games in Asia under the umbrella of the Olympic Committee of Asia. The new constitution has been approved by the member countries and Santiphap Intaraphat has been elected as Chairman of the new ASEAN Muaythai Federation, which consists of all the ASEAN countries under the banner of IFMA and FAMA. A combined move will now take place to make sure that Muaythai will get, again, included in the sports programme of SEA Games and Asian Games. Everyone agreed that the discipline will be called muay in the SEA Games and the continued cooperation will continue far beyong them.