Armenian Muaythai Federation has stepped up the sport under the presidency of Mr. Artak Brutyan and his staff, which made it possible for Armenian athletes to represent their country at the Royal World Cup in Bangkok, EMF Cup in Turkey and many other events where the Armenian flag was among IFMA and EMF members which are also part of the World Games, FISU, SportAccord and other important recognised sports bodies.

2016 is another year which has already given its fruits, first of all to Armenian athletes, spectators and all the stakeholders of muaythai.


One of the highlights of 2016 has been the opening of the biggest sports center which can accommodate hundreds of athletes and offers all the facilities for training with a special emphasis on muaythai. The Governor and Mayor of the Armavir city attended the opening and congratulated the President of the Armenian Muaythai Federation, Mr. Artak Brutyan. They wished him the best of success at the international muaythai competitions and ensured oftheir continuous support of the development of sport in Armenia.


Mr. Brutyan ensured both the Mayor and Governor that they will compete for the honour of the Armenian flag as the team which is coming to Sweden for the World Championships is the biggest since the establishment of the Armenian Muaythai Federation.


IFMA can only applaude Mr. Brutyan for his achievements to bring sport closer to the youth and hopes Armenia have many outstanding athletes in the upcoming IFMA events.