IFMA believes in fair and clean muaythai and has strict measures to combat doping and match fixing. Doping is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of sport and fair play and sets serious risks to the health of the athletes. All 148 IFMA national federations are responsible for implementation and enforcement of the code.

The protection of clean athletes has and always will be IFMA’s priority. IFMA follows a zero-tolerance policy and makes everyone responsible not only for the use but also possession and providing prohibited substances.

During the pandemic IFMA has continued to provide athletes with education and clarity on anti-doping and covid19. IFMA continues to put our athletes’ health at the forefront of doping efforts and has worked very closely with WADA and ITA to ensure a safe balance between the protection of health and muaythai during these challenging times we found ourselves in.

Many activities took place in April. Online workshops by the athletes and medical commissions were provided for all IFMA stakeholders especially the athletes where thousands of IFMA athletes participated. Joined seminars with WADA and ITA took place. 

IFMA also showed great engagement from its stakeholders from all branches of the family tree, from Executives and administrators to coaches and of course the athletes, in WADA’s Play True day, which  was celebrated on the 9th of April. Thousands IFMA’s stakeholders participated in this campaign by sharing their photos and videos on their social media, and sharing their stories and messages on “What does Play True mean to me?”.