The IFMA bidding commission met in Bangkok to announce the result of the winner of the 3 last bidding cities, Singapore, Bangkok and Kazan for the 2016 final qualification event for the World Games 2017, and the winner is Kazan. The city of Kazan was certainly delighted with the result. Kazan becoming one of the major Russian sport cities. Recently with the successful Universiade in 2013, and so many recognised world federations choosing Kazan as the host city. President of the Russian Muaythai Federation, Dmitry Putilin, stated this is a great day for Russia. Being the host of the 2012 IFMA World Championship, and now for this upcoming event, showing that the muaythai world loves Russia and our organisation of sporting events.


President of the Muaythai Association of Thailand congratulated Russia stating that fair play is the foundation of muaythai and that Thailand is looking forward to come to Kazan to this wonderful games. President of Singapore Muaythai association, Mervyn Tan, thanked Kazan and Bangkok first for the fairness in the selection process and Singapore will now immediately continue to put in application for other future games. He said in the end we are all best friends and as in sport there will always be winners and losers. Singapore is looking forward to enjoy true Russian hospitality.