America is sending a youth team this year with over 20 boxers travelling to Bangkok for the Youth Championships.Like in any other sports, grass roots development is the key, and the United States are known for this important development. The United States Muaythai Association is planing for the future, and today’s youth champions will represent the United States at upcoming events especially as the World Games 2021 will be held in Birmingham USA.

Qualification events have been all over the States and USMA President Michael Corley stated that the best athletes will travel to Bangkok to showcase the talent and the future of Muaythai in the United States. USMA will send athletes in all divisions, and the best of the best will wear proudly the USA jersey.
The United States is in Olympic fever with heading the medal table in Rio, therefore the American youth team is super motivated to represent their country, gyms, and most importantly themselves.

President Corley said he truly admires IFMA’s strategical planning to hold the championships 4 days after the closing of the Olympic games so the youth will be so motivated to bring home medals and be part of a world recognised sporting event.