27th of March saw the success of the African Qualifier for the SportAccord Combat games in Beijing. The event was sold out, even more seats were acquired to try and accommodate more guests for the event.

The exceptional catering and venue made available by GrandWest really made for a great environment for the event. The fights were all very high paced, only two of the fights went all the rounds. The event’s highlight saw a electrifying show by Bakhulule Baai to secure his spot in the SportAccord Combat games in Beijing.

The Female Lightweight African Qualification ended with Madeleine “Madx” Ross coming out victorious and qualifying into the SportAccord Combat games.

The Male Light Middleweight African Qualification was the final and most impressive fight of the night. After the national anthems were played and had set the scene for what looked like an exciting match up, Bakhulule Baai made his intentions clear with an arrow directed at his opponent during the Wai Kru. Bakhulule finished his opponent off with a stunning combination of punches which had knocked his opponent out a few times before he was allowed to hit the ground.