IFMA has not seen such a number of entries from African countries! The Virtual World Championships truly is bringing down the obstacles of travels, visas, expenses and so much more each athlete has to deal to make it to the physical competitions.

Today IFMA is proud to give opportunity to so many youth who would normally not have it if they have to travel thousands of kilometers to be part of Muaythai event. 

The President of  the African Muaythai Union Mr. Driss El Hilali said that the Virtual Championships was a top story for youth in each neighbourhood who finally got a chance to reveal their talents and make it to the podium of the international competitions. The challenge of the modern world gave a biggest opportunity to thousands of the youth. 

The Virtual World Championships started as a replacement for the IFMA events in 2020, now it is a full scale social campaign reaching every house where participants can compete right from their living room. Having a choice of four competitions Shadow Box, Max Fit, Wai Kru and Aero fit the event caters to any Muaythai enthusiast with a champion’s ambition.