The IFMA ITO’s, referees and judges including the IFMA Director General, Charissa Tynan and IFMA Athletes’ Commission Chair, Janice Lyn and the Pi Muay from Thailand spent the morning immersing and learning about tasty Turkish cuisine with a traditional Turkish breakfast and the history and culture of the powerful Amazons of Samsun.

The IFMA Family ventured to the famous Amazon Village, part of the Terme district of Samsun. The artificial village depicts the ancient times and lifestyle of the Amazon Women also known as Tupi. There is a symbolic bridge that joins the past and future and provides the link for visitors to observe the prehistoric times and History of Amazons who are the fearless, powerful women warriors.

At the entrance of the village there is a glorious Amazon Sculpture 12.5 m in height which symbolizes the Amazon female warriors and their courage. This masterpiece was erected by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and built by 10 different sculptors in only 5 months.

There are various legends about Amazons and their origins. One of them is emphasized in Samsun, believed to be their home and origin, between 2000 and 1000 BC. It is said that the Amazons fought under the command of Agamemnon in the Battle of Troy in 1200 BC, protecting Anatolia under the command of Queen Penthesileia (leader of Amazons), who was later killed by Achilles (hero of Iliad written by great historian Homer). Legend has it that Amazons cut their right breast so that they can professionally shoot arrows.

What an amazing day in beautiful Samsun learning about the history of these inspirational and strong Amazon warriors.