The Kingdom of Thailand and Hungary are celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relationships and what a better way to celebrate it than with muaythai which originated in the Old Siam and evolved into a world IOC recognized combat sport where Hungary is one of the 152 recognized national federations.

This is why a special 3-day celebration took place in Budapest in cooperation with the Royal Thai Government, the NSDF, the SAT, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Hungary and certainly the Hungarian Muaythai Federation under the Presidency of Dudok Karoly, a member of IFMA. The 3-day event saw the national performing team travelling to Hungary, performing at the Nagy Sportágválasztó (Sport Selector) with over 100 sports in which muaythai took center stage with cultural and electrifying performances.

The Lanna Muaythai Demonstration Team once again showcased all aspects of muaythai including its ancient traditions, muay boran, Krabi krabong, wai kru and the list goes on, receiving standing ovations from the crowd.

Thailand’s highest masters and demonstration team toured Budapest at 4 different venues for the 3-day One Standard Muaythai Seminar. IFMA’s 3 leading muaythai masters, Ajahn Chao, Ajahn Anan and Ajahn Kanitcha led over 50 national instructors through advanced muaythai fundamentals. The theoretical workshop was led by ITA Ambassador, Janice Lyn, the Chair of the IFMA Medical Commission, Dr. Erdogan Aydin, IFMA Director General, Charissa Tynan and a special workshop on fair play and the power of sport by the President of United Through Sports, Stephan Fox.

The representative of the Royal Thai Embassy, Mr. Nopakhun Luichant, Minister Counsellor, was there to speak to all delegates and participants showing his pride that mauythai has received such recognition and praised Hungary for all their success in sports in general and certainly mauythai.

Day 2 of the OSM seminar was a busy day with the IFMA OSM delegation visiting two venues. In the city of Mogyoród the Faith Fight Muaythai Cup took place in parallel with the OSM course. In the competition, 112 competitors from 28 clubs from almost every region of Hungary compared their skills. In addition to the rules of the IFMA, the Hungarian Muaythai Federation separated 3 sections in the framework of a gradual competition to help support the development of the competitors. This gradual system serves well for the education of the younger generation and the promotion of Muaythai. The presence of the Thai delegation gave the young fighters special motivation.

A special minute of silence and remembrance was given to the founder of muaythai in Hungary, Master Ferenc Blazsekovics, who passed away earlier this year. We must always remember our forefathers which set the foundation we all stand on. This is the spirit of muaythai.

The entire Royal Thai Embassy visited the Sport Selector festival on Day 2 to enjoy the activities. His Excellency, H.E. Dr. Sandor Sipos, Ambassador of Hungary to Thailand sends his well wishes. As Hungary was hosting this unique mauythai event, Thailand was hosting teqball, the sport born and bred in Hungary with a Thailand vs Hungary gala match. On this day the Hungarian Muay Boran Team joined alongside the Lanna Muaythai Demonstration Team on stage at the Sport Selector festival to display the art and culture of muaythai in celebration of 50 years of diplomatic relations to over 111 sports participating in the event.

The final day of the OSM seminar saw practical grading of the various techniques learned throughout seminar and a final awarding ceremony of all the participants covered by national television news.

The President of the Hungarian Muaythai Federation, Mr. Dudok Karoly, congratulated all the performers at the festival showcasing the uniqueness of muaythai as a cultural artform and competition sport and also the proud recipients of their certificates of the OSM workshop.

The IFMA and OSM delegation presented the President with a plaque of appreciation for his leadership in the development of muaythai both on a national level in Hungary and internationally.

Congratulations to the Hungarian Muaythai Federation on a successful OSM Seminar and a huge thank you to President Dudok Karoly, General Secretary György Vojvoda, Board Member of the Hungarian Muaythai Federation, Hajós Istvánon for your warmth and hospitality.