The 2014/2015 season of the International Muaythai League of Slovenia came to a riveting end recently in Novo Mesto.


The final event was put together by Scorpion gym Novo mesto and Slovenian Muaythai federation. Around 300 spectators bore witness to 13 high-octance final matches in both junior and senior divisions.


In the main event, native heavyweight Urban Jakše took on Robert Grguric to avenge his unfortunate injury-loss two years ago. However his intentions were met with fierce resistance from Grguric who threw more than 250 strikes, overwhelming Jakse and scoring another victory, this time via unanimous decision.


This was, by far, the most successful season of IMTL. »We have staged 5 events and hosted 8 countries represented by 26 gyms. This info testifies about the success we have accomplished through hard work during all these years. I am convinced the league will produce fighters who will, in the near future, accomplish great things on international level,« said IMTL president Iztok Vorkapic.


Season 2015/16 will kick off in October in the town of Ptuj.


Final round results:

3 x 1, min B1 kids

1, Lucian Butala (Gladiator gym Crnomelj) VS Sven Hamersak (Muay Thai gym Ptuj)   – 45 kg – 0:3

3 x 2, min B1 kadeti

2, Matic Godec (Nak Muay GYM Ivancna  G,) VS Bostjan Pacek (Fight club Senovo) -57 kg –  0:3

3 x 2, min B1  senior BK

3, Sasa Stankovic (Warrior gym Srbia) VS Matevz Pekolj (Fearless fighters gym Trebnje ) -75 kg  – 3:0

3 x 2 min B1 junior

4, Mihael Bela(Muay Thai gym Ptuj)VS Domen Vidmar (Khun kao gym Ljubljana) -71 kg – 0:3

3 x 1 min kadeti B1

5, Dorian Dilber  (Zoraj gym,Croatia) VS  David Bizjak (Scorpion gym NM) 62,5 kg junior 0:3

3 x 3 min senior B

6,  Klemen Kukovicic  (Fight club Senovo) VS Mario Zivkovic (Khun kao gym Ljubljana) -67kg- 0:3


3 x 2 min B1 senior

7, Ivan Anic (Zoraj gym Croatia)   VS  Luka Martinec (Scorpion gym NM)  -67 kg – 0:3

3 x 2 min B1 senior- BK

8, Ales Golob  (Muay Thai gym Ptuj) VS Klemen Pekolj (Fearless fighters gym Tre)  – 73  kg 1:2

3 x 3 min B senior

9, Martin Kobetic (Fight club Senovo) VS Vuk Jankovic (Warrior gym Serbia)   -75 kg  3:0

3 x 3 min B senior

10, Nejc Rodosek (M. Thai gym Ptuj) VS Daniel Stojmenov  (MT gym Macedonia) -63,5 kg – KO.

3 x 2 min B1 senior

11, Rok Erste  (Scorpion gym NM) VS Nino Tolic (Alfa gym Croatia ) +91 kg  3:0


3 x 3 min B senior

12,  Aleksander Bedrac (MT gym Ptuj) VS Mitke Ashikilov (MT gym Macedonia) -81kg – KO.

3 x 3 min B senior

13, Urban Jakse (Scorpion gym NM) VS Robert Grguric (Muay Thai gym Crnomelj)  +91kg  – 0:3




-35 kg KIDS

  1. Nik Vidic Pekolj (Scorpion gym Nm)

-45 kg KIDS

1,  Sven Hamersak (Mt gym Ptuj )                                                                                  


-57 kg junior

1,  David Bizjak (Scorpion gym Nm)                                                                                


-60 female – junior

1 Nastja Koca (Gladiator Crnomelj)                                                                            

60 kg senior B

1, Monika Kucinic (Fight club Senovo)                                                                           


-67 kg A, junior

1, Klemen Kukovicic (Fight club Senovo)                                                                     


-71 kg B, junior

  1. Nikola Todorovic (Warrior gym Serbia)



63,5 kg A, senior

1, Andrej Kedves  (Blitz Dakovo Croatia)                                                                                              


63,5 kg B senior

1, Rok Rop (TBK gym Velenje)                                                                                         


-67kg A senior

1, Nejc Rodosek (MT Gym  Ptuj)                                                                                       


-71kg A senior

1, Mirko Vorkapic (Scorpion gym Nm)                                                                          


-71kg B senior

1, Timi Spasojevic (Legija gym Mb.)        


-75 kg B  junior

1, Klemen Pekolj (Fearless fighters Trebnje)                                                                 


-75kg A  senior

1, Martin Kobetic (Gladiator Crnomelj)                                                                        


-75kg B senior

1, Matevz Pekolj (Fearless fighters Trebnje)                                                                  


-81 kg A senior

1, Aleksander Bedrac (MTG Ptuj)


-81 kg B senior

1, Aleksander Stankov  (Legija gym Mb.)                                                                            


-86 kg B senior

1, Borut Cehtl (Legija gym MB )                                                                                             


-91 kg A senior

1, Robert Grguric (Gladiator Crnomelj)                                                                                 


+91kg A senior

1, Urban Jakse (Scorpion gym Nm)