A historic meeting took place between the former and current IFMA sport director. Both of them have played an important part in the IFMA and muaythai success story.

Niamh Griffin was the IFMA sport director from 2001 to 2008 and Charissa Tynan who started as the executive secretary of IFMA in 2006 took over the role of Sport Director in 2008.

Niamh played an important part in the IFMA recognition process to GAISF ( today known asSportAccord). She was and always will be one of the ambassadors of female muaythai development. Niamh  said that 15 years ago, when she took on the role, three people worked in the international office. When she left in 2008 it was five, and today the IFMA office has 10 full time staff. It was then in early 2000 when IFMA laid the foundation in their strategic plans of recognition, changing muaythai from two words into one, starting an active youth and female development programme, anti-doping programmes, and promotion  and implementation of the Olympic values. At that time around 60 countries participated in the IFMA World Championships.


Charissa Tynan took over from Niamh, and since then under her directive of the international office muaythai has been recognised by TAFISA, FISU, IWGA, and is now in the recognition process towards IOC.


IFMA is fully WADA compliant, has a solid youth development programme with separate youth and adult world championships, female participation in the sport has gone up to 40%, the executive board has boosted to 30% in female ratio. Countries like New Zealand, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, Portugal, Norway, Brazil and the USA all now have female presidents in the national federation.

The IFMA commissions ensure that all aspects of the art and sport are covered; world championships participation has reached over 100 countries. More than half are fully recognised by their NOC and/or highest sport authorities.


The athletes are truly the heart of IFMA with proper career programmes and IFMA is proud to ensure the best practices in good governance, ethics and integrity.

IFMA would like to thank Niamh and Charissa, and we hope that with Niamhs continued support and Charissa’s leaderships skills at IFMA will continue to strive for excellence.