IFMA prides ourselves to find a balance for the young generation on educational endeavors with sport. It is important for IFMA that education and sport go hand in hand and that we encourage that the young generation follows both paths. Elisa Salinas Chairman of IFMA Youth Commission stated that the enormous power of sport is one which can be utilized to achieve change for good. That is why IFMA has partnered up with organisations like Peace and Sport, Generation for Peace, UN Women to use the power of sport to make a positive difference especially for the youth around the world. 

This month’s initiative was for the youth from around the world to send their drawing on the theme around Muaythai day, incorporating the 5 key elements of the foundation of IFMA, Honour, Tradition, Respect, Excellence and Fair Play. So many kids from around the world have sent in their art pieces and then on the 6th of February, the final 10 made it to the Muaythai day final vote. The winner was Viktoria Silvestrova from Russia, but nevertheless, in the spirit of Muaythai, everyone is the winner. We published the final 10 art pieces, and congratulations to all the kids in the world. You just rock!