A successful Muay Talay contest took place today at the event hotel, bringing the young athletes together for a competitive but fun afternoon.

The draw was supervised by event Technical Director Dato Shah, with representatives from 40 countries entering. As the main muaythai contest is already concluded, the Muay Talay Championships were open to all.

Each athlete wore the same helmet and boxing gloves as used in the muaythai tournament. The body-guard was replaced by a life-jacket.

The rules are slightly different to muaythai, but based on the same principles. Athletes were divided into age-groups, and then subdivided into gender groupings for fairness. Under Muay Talay rules no blows to the head are permitted, and elbows are also ruled out.

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The entire swimming pool was converted into a gladiator arena; athletes from 40 countries participated. The swimming pool was jam-packed with spectators around the edges supporting the athletes and their teams.

As with muaythai, the “pi muay” ( Thai traditional musicians) accompanied each contest. This gave this modern discipline of the martial art a traditional feel.

The winners in the 10 – 11 male division – first to Libya, second to Malaysia. In the 12 – 13 years old male, it was a draw between India and Malaysia. In the 14 – 15 year old male, first place went to Iran and second to Australia.

In the 10 to 11 year old female, gold to The Philippines and silver to India. In the 12 to 13 year old female, first to Malaysia and second to India.

In the 14 to 15 year old girls’division gold went to Peru, and silver to Malaysia.

IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan said this is the fourth year IFMA has staged the Muay Talay contest, and every year more countries have participated.

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