The World Games are an important event on the world sporting calendar with the full support of the IOC and many sports emerged from the World Games to the Olympic Games.

IFMA and muaythai have been given full membership in the International World Games Association in 2013 and through the popularity and the combination of culture and sport included as a full medal sport in the 2017 World Games.

The qualification process has begun with the IFMA Royal World Cup in Bangkok where 11 athletes from the 120 participating countries have booked their first tickets to World Games 2017. Many other qualification events around the world will determine who will compete for pride and honour in the World Games 2017.

The city of Wroclaw in conjunction with the Polish Muaythai Federation hosts the first promotional event in Wroclaw showcasing the beauty of muaythai, traditions, cultural heritage and muaythai as an exciting ring sport. The arena was filled with distinguished personalities, the Vice Mayor of the city of Wroclaw, CEO of World Games, Ambassador of Thailand, IFMA General Secretary and so many fans.

The main three matches were Thailand versus Poland with Poland winning two and Thailand one to the delight of the audience showing that the Polish athletes are ready to bring pride to the host nation.

Many events will follow in order to bring the best of the best to Wroclaw and showcase to the world that muaythai is a true asset of the World Games.