Lausanne was the place for the World Combat Games meeting. The event showcasing the spirit of combat sports and martial arts. The meeting was opened by SportAccord chairman and the President of Winter Olympic Federations, AIOWF, Mr. Gian-Franco Kasper.

On behalf of SportAccord, AIMS President and SportAccord council member, Stephan Fox, made all the presentations discussing structure, possible host cities and criteria for the next World Combat Games. Important decisions have been made especially the Olympic sports to showcase the non-Olympic disciplines.


A possible yearly gala organised by the 16 world recognised martial arts and a draft of a pledge of cooperation of the 16 IOC and/or SportAccord recognised combat sports grouped together ASIOF, ARISF and AIMS. All 16 sports have voted to continue to work closely together and the next Combat Games meeting is set with major decisions on the agenda at the SportAccord convention 2016.