The IFMA World Championships is one of the key events in IFMA calendar and since 6 years the 2019 World Championships will return to the motherland Thailand in honour of His Majesty Birthday celebration.

Around 100 countries from all 5 continents will participate and this weekend will see another two important qualification, one in Ukraine and in Belarus which will be the host of the 2019 IFMA European Championships and also the host of 2019 European Games.

Both countries are in top 10 of IFMA ranking with many superstars like Andrey Kulebin, Igor Liubchenko, Oleg Prymachov, Dzianis Hancharonak. These are powerhouse names in the world of muaythai and once again they need to qualify to make the national team as IFMA follows strict qualification criteria on the elite level.

The President of the Ukrainian Muaythai Federation which is also the President of the European Muaythai Federation stated that Ukraine for nearly 20 years have been a member of IFMA and host of the first European Championships and seen the organisation grow from 20 countries in the early 90s to over 130 today.

Igor Liubchenko stated that he is extremely proud that he once again has the chance to participate in the 2021 World Games which he won for Ukraine in 2017.