China was the venue for yet another successful Muaythai promotion under the banner of the WMC. The sell out event was televised live to millions of people across the Republic of China which is a great promotion for the sport of Muaythai.

Muaythai, under the banner of IFMA has been included in GAISF and has strong friendship ties to the sport of WUSHU. The evening started with a super fight between the two Muaythai Against Drug Champions, Daniel Mashamaite (South Africa) vs Corey Gwaliasi (New Zealand) weighing in at 63 kgs. These boys put on a fantastic fight which had the crowd on it’s feet. In the end, Daniel Mashamaite was the victor.

The second event featured the first Chinese boxer of the evening who walked into an explosive stadium full of an energetic home crowd…

Kang En (China) (68 kg) vs Shuki Rozensweig (Israel) (65 kg).
Kang En, with the help of the thunderous home crowd won by point decision and showed that China is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the sport of Muaythai.

Next up was another International fight between Abbas Ahmadi (Iran) vs Chawan Dasri (Cambodia).
What a battle that was! Both boxers stood toe to toe but in round three the Iranian fighter landed an explosive combo leading to a win by KO.

Next up was China’s first test, as it was China versus Thailand…
Xu Yen (China) vs Akarn Sor Vorapin (Thailand) China illustrated that they are well prepared and with no doubt have caught up to be on par as Xu Yen won by point decision.

Following that valuable win by China against Thailand was Egon Racz (Slovakia) vs Numeechai Scorpion Gym (Thailand).

This was yet another fantastic event with both boys showing world class Muaythai. The end of the exciting match saw the Thai emerge as the winner.

The next International fight was between Peyman Legacy Gym (Sweden) vs Pele Scorpion Gym (Thailand) in which the fighters put on another great display of Muaythai with Thailand winning by a very close point decision.

The next fight saw another international event with Singjok Legacy Gym (Thailand) vs Eric Angkor Sitpholek (Slovakia). This fight was one of the highlights of the evening as this was a full on war within the ropes. The Thai won a split decision by one point and the closest of margins.

This was with no doubt a night to remember and congratulations must be enthusiastically extended to the Chinese Federation, a member of WMC and IFMA, promoter Kim YIP and AH WEI who have both done a fantastic job getting Muaythai out of the starting blocks within the Republic of China.

Many more events are planned, especially for the lead up to the upcoming Olympics, so stay tuned for more exciting events the look to be laden with top class bouts!