On April 6th sports organisations around the world join with Peace and Sport to celebrate the power of sport to change lives and bring people together. IFMA muaythai federations are proud to be part of this day, in marking this powerful statement.

Stephan Fox, IFMA general secretary said: ” At IFMA events we see people from every part of the world, and they all leave politics at the door. We believe sport comes first, and this can also be seen in the grassroots work being done by our federations.

“The IFMA project Sport Is Your Gang which partners with Peace and Sport is the most visible example of how muaythai can bring hope and change to the youth who practice this sport.”

In Columbia, David Gonzales from the Columbian Muaythai Federation said: ” Our generation has not known a day of peace. A lot of our kids are in a post-conflict situation and through muaythai we want to change that scenario. We will change that scenario!”

Federations including Spain, Russia, Brazil and Armenia promote this concept, believing that sport can bring change  – whether it is for youth living in post-conflict situations, or those in deprived areas where sport can offer a pathway away from street troubles.

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