Mr Yang Yiguo FISU presents Paola Matringe FISU for cooperation

The organising committee for the muaythai World University Championships invited all participants to a feast of traditional Thai seafood dishes in a beach-side restaurant, to celebrate this inaugural event. In the spirit of muaythai friendship, the WUC organising committee invited all delegation heads and managers to eat outside the venue resort and sample some traditional dishes.

During the meal everyone was entertained by live music. And following dessert the Committee presented plaques of appreciation, and also commemorative medals to each national team representative.

This event is taking place at a beachside resort so the theme of seafood was a great fit with the overall event. Spicy dishes including the famous Tom Yam Gung shrimp soup and fish cooked in lemon and chilli were placed on the table, along with great bowls of steaming rice.

While some participants were initially unsure, especially considering the bright chilies dotted liberally on the food, everyone tucked in with the Thai student volunteers offering advice on what to eat and how to eat some of the more unusual dishes. Crab featured prominently and of course dessert was healthy plates of tropical fruit.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of Commemorative Memorial Medals – differing to the competition medals – to each team, with everyone delighted to have such a great memory to take home.

Commemorative medals for team delegations.

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