6 days of competition will be streamed live from Turkey on the IFMA Channels and available for the viewers all around the world.
More than 800 participants will be arriving to Antalya and will be highlighted throughout the event and will definitely want to show their best skills to the millions of viewers all around the world.
The gold medalists of the 2018 edition of the Muaythai Youth World Championships will be in the focus of cameras as they will be the ones to take challenge from their counterparts in the age and weight division.
It will an exciting sight to watch how the Muaythai level grows together with the athletes themselves. The build up for the event has truly shown what skills the 10 and 11 year old youth have and this Youth World Muaythai Championships will definitely have a very adult level of skills.
Stay tuned to IFMA Medial to witness the game live.