1st – 7th is the Muaythai week, held in the Sports Authority compound organised by the World Muaythai Council and Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage, and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur recognised by the IOC.

The event will see a 2-day international academic conference, nightly Muaythai events, IFMA executive board meetings and many more. The entire compound has been transported 500 years back in time to the Ayuthaya village where you enter a different world, even using the old Siamese coins for purchases in the village.

The opening ceremony chaired by the governor of Sports Authority of Thailand, Kongsak Yodmanee, and IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, received a standing ovation by the crowd in full capacity. Over 200 performers filled the stage and going back in time to celebrate the father of Muaythai, Pra Jao Suar. It was a night to remember with record TV viewing bringing back ancient traditions and values, heroes of the past which shaped Muaythai into the modern times into one of the most popular martial arts.