IFMA has been a WADA signatory since 2007 and has worked hard towards ensuring fair play and protection of the clean athletes. WADA has put a growing emphasis on ensuring that Code Signatories have quality anti-doping programs in place; and, in keeping with a strong demand from stakeholders, that their compliance with the Code and Standards be monitored rigorously. To do so, in 2016, WADA initiated development of an ISO9001:2015 certified Code Compliance Monitoring Program. The Program enables WADA to thoroughly review anti-doping rules and programs, and aims to reinforce athlete and public confidence in the standard of Anti-Doping Organizations’ (ADOs) work worldwide.

The Code Compliance Questionnaire (CCQ) is the program developed by WADA, in collaboration with stakeholders, to measure compliance of Signatories with the mandatory requirements of the Code and International Standards. It asks Signatories to self-report and provide responses and data, to a series of questions related to: ADAMS, Budgeting and Reporting; Testing and Investigations; Results Management; Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE); Education; and, Data Privacy. Upon receipt of CCQs, WADA reviews them to develop Corrective Action Reports (CARs) if any non-conformities are identified. CARs are designed to assist Signatories in enhancing their anti-doping programs on a priority basis through timelines provided for the implementation of corrective actions. The Signatory’s corrective actions are reviewed by the Taskforce before further action is taken. The first CCQ was sent to International Federations (IFs) and National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADOs) in early 2017.

IFMA, together with the hard working Medical, Legal, Technical and Athletes Commissions have worked diligently over the years on the various corrective actions identified by the WADA compliance monitoring unit and has now officially signed off on all corrective actions confirming IFMA to be fully code compliant.

Considering the new 2021 Code that came into force this year, IFMA will continue to work closely with WADA on implementation and compliance with the Code and International Standards, particularly as the Compliance Monitoring Program identifies areas for improvement. With the Standard, Signatories worldwide are held to the same high standards under the Code as is expected of athletes.