Brazil is one of the fastest adapting countries to new realities moving from physical to virtual meeting rooms and fields of plays. 

It was the second time that the board of the Brazilian Muaythai Federation met to discuss the upcoming Brazilian Virtual Championships 2020. Being a massive country Brazil can truly gather the youth from the smallest regions to participate in the event with no costs of travelling, accommodation and other financial and social obstacles. 

Brazil is taking over from Russia and live championships are planned to involve all members of the Brazilian muaythai in four tournaments: Shadow Box, Wai Kru, Aero Fit and Max Fit will offer all an opportunity to be part of a big event. The winners will be automatically advancing to the IFMA World Virtual Championships .

The President of the Brazilian Muaythai Federation Mr. Carlos Camacho said that IFMA truly again showed that each national federation is part of one big family which will always support the youngest athletes and give them an opportunity to shine even in the darkest time. 

Virtual Championships are rolling the world with the final destination IFMA Virtual Championships taking place in October.