After Thailand had won the last 2 editions of UN Women trophy in the campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls. This time the 2 finalists were Jasmine Whybird from Australia and Saifah T. Teerasawad from Thailand.

This fight only showcased again that female Muaythai has become as popular as male Muaythai. An outstanding performance from both athletes. It was the Australian who, in the last round, convinced the judges that her hand should be raised. In the end she proudly received the trophy from UN Women representative, Maria Jones.


UN Women stated again that IFMA and Muaythai plays an important part in raising the awareness of this important campaign by UN Women. It is important that UN Women and IFMA continue to join hands in raising awareness for the campaign and tonight is a fantastic display for this cooperation. Congratulations to everyone involved and congratulations to Janmine Whybird from Australia who had victory for tonight’s UN Women Trophy.