Wai Kru plays an important part of Muaythai showing respect to the art and to all involved in the athlete’s preparation. Every Muaythai fighter is required to partake in this ritual

In the #MuaythaiConnects contest, the athletes incorporate various postures of the Wai Kru in their performance and also include various elements that help the world understand more about their country such showcasing their cultural traditions and displaying their physical environment.

The honor of opening of the contest has been given to Crystal Mahabir of Trinidad and Tobago.

Did you know T&T is the southern most island in the Caribbean? You can find many more cool facts about this beautiful island here.

The Trinbago Muaythai Association is fully recognized by their highest sport authority and the President of the Federation, Ms. Rebecca Bhola, is also an IFMA Executive Board member.

Trinidad has been outstanding at the recent IFMA Virtual World Championships and the 2020 United Through Sports World Virtual Youth Festival where the athletes proudly won medals for themselves and their country.

Enjoy this amazing performance of Crystal Mahabir and the breathtaking beauty of Trinidad and Tobago.