Tolga Ebren was born on February 21, 2001 in Eindhoven. At the age of six he started Muaythai training with his uncle Duran Ebren, from Muaythai Academy Duran Gym. When he was ten years old, he wanted to quit Muaythai to do something else. He then chose to play football.


After two years of the football adventure, Tolga wanted to return to train Muaythai with his uncle and not without merit. He became Dutch champion in 2016 and with that he qualified for the Dutch Muaythai selection to travel to Thailand for the 2017 IFMA Youth World Championships, organised by IFMA, the IOC recognised federation for the sport of muaythai.

Following a hip injury, Tolga was told he could no longer train Muaythai. At the end of 2018 he still resumed training and wanted to prepare for the IFMA Youth World Championships in Antalya in 2019. Unfortunately he received the terrible news that a malignant tumour was found in his brain. A week later, around mid-August 2019, he suffered a cerebral haemorrhage, which meant that he had to undergo acute surgery in Tilburg. The doctors indicated that Tolga had at most a year and a half to live.
But Tolga was a fighter and refused to give up. After major surgery and rehabilitation, he was back in the gym in November. The doctors were just as surprised as his parents, his training buddy and his uncle, that Tolga recovered so quickly. Everyone who cared for him saw that he didn’t want to give up and that gave everyone hope.
In addition to his love for Muaythai, Tolga also went to school, namely VWO 6, the last year. he tried to recover and struggled to recover until he heard the terrible news again in June 2020 that the brain tumour had spread and that he had only two months to live. This news hit everyone very hard. The world seemed to stand still. Tolga was a sweet, handsome and sociable young man who always respected others. A diligent student and a real go-getter. Giving up was not a word in his dictionary.

Tolga fought like a lion against this terrible disease, but to no avail. Tolga eventually lost the battle and passed away on Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

The entire IFMA Family mourn the sad passing of this young and brave warrior. A true muaythai spirit whose flame will shine on in the work, mission and vision of the IFMA, to uplift what was a passion in this young man’s life.

Tolga was and is an inspiration for many young fighters, because he only knew two rules. One: never give up and two: never forget rule number one.

The IFMA international head office will fly its flag at half-mast in honour and respect for his life achievements, the lives he touched and the fighting spirit that made him an inspiration.

The IFMA family sends once again our deepest condolences to his loved ones and the Muaythai Organisation of the Netherlands.


Rest in peace Tolga.